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University of Petra Implements a Precautionary Plan to Prevent Coronavirus

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The University of Petra (UOP) administration asked the Deanship of Admissions and Registration to communicate with its students who are studying abroad to check on them, and urge them to take all preventive measures related to the Coronavirus, in the countries in which they are located. The university also announced a set of preventive and precautionary measures, including postponing activities related to hosting people from abroad.
Moreover, UOP's preparations included instructing the deans to study the capabilities of faculties, and their readiness for any emergency, in addition to considering training university students in hospitals in the event of a progression of the coronavirus disease.
The university mandated the Public Safety Committee to review all restaurants and kiosks, to ensure their commitment to public cleanliness, and to ensure that workers have a certificate attesting that they are free from infectious disease. Likewise, "Hygiene" devices were installed in all university facilities, and the cleaning company has been assigned periodic tours to ensure hygiene and provide soaps in restrooms.
In terms of awareness, preparations at the university began in order to host specialists in providing lectures and seminars on the Coronavirus and communicable diseases, as well as instruct teachers to speak for five minutes during class time. This will raise awareness of the Coronavirus disease and the methods of prevention, in addition to designing brochures and posters for awareness and prevention, and publishing them around campus.