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UOP, DIGS Explore Scientific Cooperation

UOP President Prof. Marwan Muwalla, UOP Chancellor Dr. Adnan Badran and Dr. Muhannad Odeh received the Acting President of Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DIGS) Dr. Yasser Malley.
Prof. Muwalla briefly made a presentation on UOP history, majors and local and international accreditations, including: ABET accreditation for Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Computer Science programs, British Accreditation in English Language and Literature, the American Accreditation in Pharmacology, Quality Assurance Certificate for third year in a row and current applications for international accreditations.
Prof. Muwalla stated that UOP has established an incubator and innovation center to support students’ ideas and projects and turn them into startups able to enter and compete in the labor market.
In turn, Dr. Yasser Malley said that DIGS is a new higher education institution that aims to achieve the highest standards in humanitarian and social sciences. “DIGS teaching staff have graduated from prestigious Australian, European and American Universities and the majority of them are from Arab origins. DIGS aims to create academic environment in which teaching staff cooperate with the selected students from the State of Qatar and Arab world to achieve excellence in all areas,” Prof. Malley.
Dr. Malley's visit aims to establish partnerships with well-known Jordanian universities, including: The University of Petra (UOP) and the University of Jordan.
DIGS visited the Innovation Center at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), Startup Incubation Quarter at the Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences, the Studios of the Faculty of Mass Communication (FMC), and Computer, Information and Control Center.